“NO ONE Can Re-Blog Any of My Posts”

“NO ONE Can Re-Blog Any of My Posts”

I apologize once again to my AR family, I keep getting emails and comments from many of you, telling me that you still can’t re-blog any of my posts. This problem has been going on for months and it is not like efforts haven’t been made to correct the problem. Apparently this wasn’t a simple fix, but this is the latest email I have gotten from AR support. They told me that this would be my gift for Christmas, hope they’re right.

Hi Joe,

I wanted to follow up with you regarding the Re-blog error. It looks as though our Tech is going to be releasing a fix next week sometime, with updates to the system that includes the fix to the Re-blog error that others (and yourself) are encountering.

We greatly appreciate your patience while working to correct these issues. We know it’s been a tough run with these last bugs, but our developers are working really hard to make sure that these bugs are squashed asap.

Please let us know if you have any questions in the meantime.

Have a Rain-tastic day!
Mary Weiss
Member Services | ActiveRain

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“When Listing Agent and Selling Agents Can’t Stand Each Other”

“When Listing Agent and Selling Agents Can’t Stand Each Other”

imagerymajestic (2)

Why do I need to get in the middle of this crap? I have been getting calls and emails from both of them, as they just won’t talk to each other. This is not part of my job description, as they each keep telling me stuff I just don’t need to know. The problem, my client is not getting good service.

I’m doing an FHA mortgage for my client, as part of the application, the buyers signed an Amendatory form that needs to be signed by the sellers and both agents. I sent the form to the selling agent to get the appropriate signatures. The selling agent signed the form and returned it to be without the signatures of the sellers and the listing agent, so I sent the form back, only to receive a message, that I should not contact the listing agent, who I don’t even know.

OK, so I requested the listing agents name, phone number and email address. I got the name and phone number and called, OMG are you kidding me. He went off like a rocket and started talking crap about the other agent. I could get a word in edgewise at all. I had finally had enough and told him to shut up for a minute and asked for his email address so that I could send him the form.

After 10 days, I finally got the form and it was not signed by both sellers that were named on the purchase agreement, so sent it back in order to get the other signature. This process took nearly a month.

They have both forgotten that they represent the best interest of their sellers and buyers. They also forgot how they get paid, as they probably shouldn’t be getting paid. They have both allow their personal stuff to interfere with doing their jobs in a professional manner

“Why Would Anyone Not Refinance at These Rates?”

“Why Would Anyone Not Refinance at These Rates?”


I stopped to buy some groceries a few weeks ago and while walking down one of the isles I heard someone say,” that is OUR mortgage guy!” Don’t remember what else I was thinking at the time, but immediately was smiling from ear to ear.

Do you remember us? Of course I do, how have you been? After a few pleasantries, they asked, Should we refinance? We get calls all the time and we tell them “we have somebody.” So why have you waited to contact me?  I originally did a mortgage for them in 2009 and they reminded me that their rate was 5.5%.

I just don’t get it, there are so many folks out there that can refinance and for whatever reason have just not done it, but WHY? Is it the hassle they may go through? No matter how much hassle, you are talking about saving thousands of dollars. Is that money not better off in your pocket than in the lender’s pocket?

I did a 20 year mortgage for them, their payment was about the same and took 5 years off their mortgage and saved them $26,000 in interest. How does that not make sense?
Do you know someone that should refinance? Have them at least talk to someone to get an opinion if it is worthwhile. I’ll talk to them even if they are in a state in which I’m not licensed. I am licensed in CT, MA, RI, ME, VT, NH, NY and FL.

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“Meet Up In Rhode Island”

                                                      “Meet Up In Rhode Island”

network group

From Left to Right: Conrad Allen, George Souto, Dagny Eason, Ginny Gorman, Praful Thakkar, Scott Hayes (definitely traveled the furthest, all the way from Austin, Texas), Christine Smith, Ed Silva or Santa, Yours Truly and Kyle Reyes

I don’t consider myself a newbie any longer, as I have been in Activerain for three and a half years, but can tell you the more I participate with a meet up, no matter where it is, the more I learn, especially when you are face to face. Sure it is great to read or write blogs and give and get comments, but when to actually get to meet them, no matter if you are meeting for the first time or have met often, that is special.

Ginny, thank you for hosting, Scott—Praful—Christine all of whom I met for the very first time. Conrad, George, Dagny and Ed, always great to see each of you, but never often enough and a special thanks to Kyle who trusted me enough to join Activerain and I continue to learn from him all the time.

“My Car Payment is $2096 Per Month”

“My Car Payment is $2096 Per Month”


Sure, I have seen this dollar amount as a mortgage payment many times, but never before as a car payment. I don’t give a damn how much you NEED a particular car that is an insane payment!!

I have done two mortgages for this couple over the years and paid off an obscene amount of credit card debt including a $23,400 Victoria Secret obligation. I couldn’t even figure out how that was possible, but at the time I did ask and the answer cannot be written here.

I did hear from them a few months back about another refinance, but talked them out of it and recommended they set up a home equity line but wouldn’t do it for them. So now, they want to refinance, pay off the home equity line and the car. Yes, they have plenty of equity and make plenty of money; but their spending habits are totally out of control.

What would you do? Especially knowing once a refinance was done, they will charge up the cards again and want to refinance all over again.

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“Only One Plan for 2015”

“Only One Plan for 2015”

“When do You Ask Your Clients for Referrals”


When I first started in business, I had read everything imaginable about goal setting when it came to financial and business goals. I wrote them, memorized them and shared them with all the right people around me. For whatever reason, I was always disappointed. I either aimed too high or too low, but continued being frustrated.

After much soul searching, I decided that all types of goal setting weren’t for me. So, eventually came up with some that were going to stretch all my boundaries.

My yearly business plan is all about how many referrals I will give out for the year. For the last few years, my totals have been the same, but as my business evolves, my breakdown has changed. My daily goal is to give out two referrals; you can do the math as to my yearly goal.

I set up an Excel spread sheet and have 100 categories from Realtors to Psychiatrists, from Movers to Chiropractors.  So far this year I have given out 126 referrals to Realtors, 6 referrals to Psychiatrists, 21 to Movers and 11 to Chiropractors.  By year end I will exceed my yearly goals for 2014, as I’m already over the total goal.

Here is what I keep learning; the more you give to others the more you will receive. Do you set goals on how many referrals you will give out for the year?

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“Will a 3% Down Conventional Mortgage Make a Big Difference with Prospective Buyers?”

“Will a 3% Down Conventional Mortgage Make a Big Difference with Prospective Buyers?”

 kkkkstuart miles

I just don’t see it, by the time you compare the difference in monthly payment to a FHA mortgage. The monthly payments for the FHA loan were actually less. OK, so what is the big deal? The monthly mortgage insurance on a 30 year fixed rate loan stays on for the life of the loan, the only way to get rid of it is to refinance out.


The debt ratio that is allowed on a  conventional loanis lower than what is allowed on a FHA loan, so FHA may be the right option anyway and the other major issue is credit scores. FHA will do loans for borrowers with lower credit scores.


It will give me one more tool to serve my clients better, ultimately they will make the final call, but frankly I don’t see this 3% down conventional loan product being the end all be all and bring lots of new prospective borrowers into the market place.


I now hear the gurus at Fannie Mae saying that they have loosened lending so that more people will now be able to buy. I guess it is good propaganda, but I just don’t see it.

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