“You are the ONLY One that Followed Up”

“You are the ONLY One that Followed Up”


I want you to know that I’m very nervous about even thinking about a mortgage. I keep hearing it is like Chinese torture. I am a first time home buyer, I have good credit and make a decent income (same job for 6 years). Can you help me?

By the way, the reason I went to your website, I happen to read one of your blogs that was pretty intriguing. You helped this gal that was a first time home buyer, so maybe you can do the same for me.

OK, final thing. I put in inquires on two other sites, before I came across yours, so thank you for your quick response.

I have never understood why folks spend so much money, time and energy on marketing and when they get an inquiry from a prospective home buyer, why not immediately reach out to them?


I am not the greatest fan of Woody Allen, but he had a great Quote, “Eighty Percent of Success is Showing Up”.


None of us know if any lead with turn into business, but I, for certain, I am going after all that comes my way. How about you?

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“For Sale By Owner Marketing”

“For Sale By Owner Marketing”
Stuart Miles777
Very few Realtors can be successful going after FSBO’s, but Mario has convinced me over the years, he gets many of them converted. A number of times I’ve asked, why are you successful and most fail in this area. So, recently at a get together for lunch I asked, what’s the secret?
I loved his answer. I make friends with each of them. As long as I’ve know him, his story is always the same. He says, I make myself available to them, most call me and if they are fortunate enough to find a buyer, I will still answer their questions. Most of these deals fall apart, so often it does,  and I’m the first one they contact.
He strictly works the listing market and does no sales, he refers potential buyers to other Realtors and said that some refer listing referrals to him. He told me his goal is one listing per week and over half of them were FSBO’s.
I always get together for lunch about once a year, as he has been a referral partner for an number of years, even though he is nearly two hours away.
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“Video Marketing Works, I Am a Believer”

“Video Marketing Works, I Am a Believer”


Kyle Reyes and I have done a few videos about the seminar that we did on November 6th. I have gotten a number of calls and emails, but this one is now translating into mortgage business for me. Check out this email. I am now working with one of the folks that is interested in one of the homes that is being offered for sale.


Just found you on Vimeo, love the social media presence! Joe, we are selling  a house in Mass and have had a few nibbles on it…. We have had two interested enough to ask our Realtor if we would consider owner financing, as they were not able to get conventional bank financing. Wondering 1. What do you think of this option, and 2: if not recommended, are these clients you could help secure financing?


The video(s) from the seminar are being edited and will soon be available. Will keep you posted as to when.








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“Are Millennials the Key to The Housing Recovery?”

“Are Millennials the Key to The Housing Recovery?”


I keep reading so much about this topic. In most of what I read, they are missing the bigger picture. No matter what the age group is, folks need to feel comfortable with an economy and for most that is not the case.


ponsulak 1The indications are that the unemployment rate is 5.9%, unfortunately that number is a real farce. Many in this country don’t feel secure with their jobs, the Affordable Care Act has a lot to do with that and so does the over burden of taxes to large and small businesses. Our tax code continues to drive large business away from our shores. We need to begin the process of bringing jobs back to this country. Small business is being over regulated and over taxed, they are the lifeblood for job creation.


I see firsthand, each and every day, how many are working part-time and can’t get full time employment. Employers are continuing to reduce hours and eliminate jobs to avoid having to pay insurance as a result of ObamaCare. I’m currently working with a client that has three part-time jobs and doesn’t have enough money for health insurance for 2 children and herself.


I am hopeful, that Washington deals with the issues in this country, sure I understand, there is a lot going on around the world, but somewhere along the way, America at home needs help just as much.


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“Three Months After the Closing”

“Three Months After the Closing”


Clients of mine moving into their home and shortly thereafter started getting sick for no obvious reason. More out of trust, they contacted me to tell me what was going on. They felt it had something to do with the home, but couldn’t see anything that looked suspicious.


I recommended they contact a company that tests for mold, the results were staggering. There was extensive mold in the interior walls in a number of rooms, but none currently showing visible that they would have been able to spot.

 Danilo Rizzuti

The home was purchased from a flipper and the home inspector didn’t see anything at the time he was there. Their dream house has turned into the home from Hell. Their insurance company has moved them out of the home while the remediation is going on.


My sense is this will turn into a lawsuit, it would be hard to believe that the seller wasn’t aware of the problem, as the home was apparently vacant for over a year before it was purchased. I got this email from them a couple of days ago.


Once again, thank you Joe. If you hadn’t made the suggestion, well who knows what would have happen to my family.



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“What is it about IT WON’T Work that You Don’t Understand”

“What is it about IT WON’T Work that You Don’t Understand”


A real estate investor contacted me about a crazy scenario. He has a tenant that has “BAD” credit, but wants to buy the home she is living in, that this investor owns. The investor wants to be a co-signer on the loan, in order to sell the property. I asked her, if the tenant was current on her rent, I didn’t get an answer, but was pretty sure I knew the answer. That won’t work, I told her and of course she asked why not.


stuartmilesxx1First, if your tenant has bad credit, she will not be able to qualify for any mortgage.

Second, you are not related to the tenant, so you will not be able to co-sign the mortgage.

Third, you already own the property, so you can’t very well purchase what you already own.


Well, there must be someone out there that would be able to get her a mortgage. I told her I had a suggestion, why don’t you give her the mortgage? Her answer, CLICK. I guess she didn’t like my suggestion.

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I need your help, I’m desperate. Robert came to see me about refinancing. His story was pretty sad and very foolish. He and his sister inherited their parent’s home, he was the one that actually lived there.

 David Castillo Dominicixx

A few years ago he put a mortgage on the property to do some repairs, payoff credit cards and put the rest away for a rainy day. However it has been raining ever since. Sure, I could get him a mortgage, but wasn’t willing to do it, as he will just blow the money and be desperate all over again.


Even though he was referred by a previous client, for the purpose of refinancing, I recommended that he sell the home and get into something manageable. I was afraid to ask him about how his sister felt about him attempting to refinance, but did anyway. She suggested that I sell and split what is left over.


I referred him to a trusted Realtor referral partner. Hopefully he will do what is right, list the property and stop the continued nonsense.  

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