I recently wrote a blog about how I use Linkedin and specifically about recommendations. I have received a number of emails asking me “How” and “When” I ask for recommendations.


First, there is always a right time to ask for recommendation. Let me first say, I never wait until the end of any transaction, unless I absolutely have to. The BEGINNING of the transaction is always the best.


12122stuartmilesThink about it this way, when a couple is first dating, doesn’t it make sense that you might get better results compared to a couple that have been married for a long time. Have as much fun as you want with this comment.


During the preapproval process, no matter if it is a good outcome or not, prospective home buyers will know working with me is different and I get all kinds of WOWS. So, why would I not take advantage of the opportunity to ask for a recommendation?


I will look forward to our working together, but I need your help as well. Would write a recommendation about your experience of how I handled the preapproval for you. I really appreciate it and please mention who had referred you.


I called Dawn the other day to let her know that I was ready to lock her loan. The loan application was done with a rate of 4.125 and I could now lock her loan at 3.875%, all she could say was WOW.


Dawn, I need a favor, would you write a recommendation for me? Please don’t forget to mention who had referred you. Can you picture anyone saying no?



I am never uncomfortable to ask for recommendations from clients, referral partners and anyone related to the mortgage industry. How about you? 


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“The Five, that Made the Most Impact on MY Life”

“The Five, that Made the Most Impact on MY Life”


My wife Gail, continues to teach me how to be the best husband I can be, each and every day, even though we have been married for 44 years. I know it may be a cliché, but I am the luckiest man in the world to be married to the love of my life.  


My dad Abe, give me one of the greatest gifts possible. He taught me about survival, no matter what the odds. In spite of losing his wife, daughter, mother & father, three  brothers and a sister in the second world war, he was determined to make sure that Hitler would not win.


My mom Regina, gave me the gift of life and taught me about Loyalty. I carry the lesson of loyalty with me each and every day. In spite of losing her husband, two young children, mother & father, that she will build a new life.


My daughters Dava and Jill, continue to make me a proud father each day. They let me know by what they say and do every day. Dava a wife, a mother and a self-employed house flipper. When it comes to house flipping continues to teach us all the time. Jill has worked with me for a dozen years and is transitioning out of the mortgage business into the travel business. Her new business has been growing like crazy, so her remaining time with Right Trac will continues to diminish.


My mother-in-law Gloria, continues to teach me about long life, as her next birthday she will be 90 years young and a wonderful bridge player. She surrendered Gail to me, not always willingly, she must have figured out, I was not going away anytime soon. This November we will know each other for 50 years.



As you can see, my family means the world to me and always will. 


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“How did You Manage So Many Linkedin Recommendations”

“How did You Manage So Many Linkedin Recommendations”


I have been a strong advocate of Linkedin for a long time, actually just over 3 years now. While on the phone with a prospective client who called after reading one of my blogs, she asked why she should consider working with someone a couple of states away.


adamr/freedigitalphotos.netIn response to her question, I asked her if she had access to Linkedin? She told me she did , so I asked her to look up my name. Within a couple of moments, she came back with, “How did you manage so many Linkedin recommendations? Without hesitation, I told her that I asked for them.


We quickly left the Linkedin conversation to address her mortgage needs. What was immediately clear, there was no further reservation about who would handle her mortgage. We spent time reviewing her options and we decided on the option that was best. I went as far as I could with her application and gave her a list of what I would need for supporting documents. Before we ended to phone call, I asked her if she would do a recommendation for me and she said she would be delighted.


I have found that there is no better social media that would create instant credibility, but not without a good supply of recommendations and having over 150 of them I am well equipped to get the business.



Do you always ask for recommendations? 


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“The Challenges of Paying Off a Private Mortgage”

“The Challenges of Paying Off a Private Mortgage”


Many turned to alternative ways to purchase real estate after experiencing a foreclosure, short sale and bankruptcy. Many have found lease option opportunities and others have found owners that were willing to hold the mortgage.


Alfred contacted me last year to refinance his existing mortgage, the immediate problem, he paid the payments in cash and had below average credit. I let him know, paying cash for his mortgage payment could not be done any longer, all payments by check.


He had one charge card with a spending limit of $500 and he owed $4,800 and 3 old collection accounts. I coached him to pay down his credit card and to settle his 3 collection accounts. I had him get two store credit cards, make sure to charge something each month and pay the balance each month.


13 months later he had credit scores in the mid 600’s and Alfred was ready to refinance. We were able to save him 2.25% interest and $362 per month. Not bad for 13 months of preparation.



Unfortunately, many that enter into alternative ways of acquiring real estate haven’t been coach to set up a pathway to get properly financed or refinanced. The earlier into the process that someone begins the preparing process the better. 


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“I Never Get Tired of this View”

“I Never Get Tired of this View”
viewNo matter how hectic my day is, when I get home, all of that goes away. The photo was taken from our deck the other evening, as the sunset was begging to be shared. Do you have that place where you go and find that peace?
Even though we live across the street from the water, we also have land on the other side where we have a boat house that is loaded with kayaks and canoes.  Even though small motors are allowed on this 100 acre body of water.
I am always asked if I do any fishing, the answer is that I watch the fishing. There is always someone fishing year round, but other than watching, that is as close as I get.

“Let’s Play, What If?”

“Let’s Play, What If?”


What if the CFPB came to my office and the indicated they want to see all off our current operating procedures?


What if the CFPB wanted to review all of our Mortgage closings that took place between 2012 until today?


What if the CFPB wanted to see all of our financial records for 2012 thru today?


What if the CFPB want to see all of our emails between 2012 through today?


What if we told them our hard drive crashed and we lost all of our records and emails. What do you think they would say to us? How quickly would we be out of business?


However when the IRS says their hard drives crashed and all that requested information is lost. Why has a special prosecutor not been appointed? Since our President indicated publicly there is not a smidgen of proof there was any wrongdoing, wouldn’t he want to appoint a special prosecutor to prove he was right?


I don’t want any right or left leaning person or persons, just someone that is willing to speak the truth and that is willing to stop the games that are being played on America.  




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“Refinance or Student Loans?”

“Refinance or Student Loans?”


The parents told me their commitment to their two children was to pay for their college education. One was done and the other had two years left. There was $112,000 in existing student loan debt and they have already been paying nearly $600 per month and in two plus years would be paying twice that much.


ddpavumba10First, these are not the typical parents, but this is not totally uncommon in many cultures. They anticipated they would need another $50,000 and they still had a remaining mortgage of $21,000 with a payment of $513. Second, there was going to be no talking these folks out of their commitment of paying for the education of their kids.


I would never normally make this kind of recommendation, but we did a $185,000 mortgage for 15 years with a payment of $1323. They were delighted with this solution and that they were able to follow through with giving their children a head start in life. 


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