OK, Since I am NOT Always Politically Correct

OK, Since I am NOT Always Politically Correct




I have decided to share some thoughts you might find reassuring, but I can’t figure out if all this has gone too far to the right or the left.



Due to the climate of political correctness now pervading America, Kentuckians, Tennesseans, and West Virginians will no longer be referred to as ‘HILLBILLIES.’

You must now refer to them as APPALACHIAN-AMERICANS. And furthermore, “How to Speak About Men and be Politically Correct”:

1. He does not have a “Beer Gut” – He has developed a “Liquid Grain Storage Facility.”

2. He is not a “Bad Dancer” – He is “Overly Caucasian.”

3. He does not “Get Lost all the Time – He “Investigates Alternative Destinations.”

4. He is not “Balding” – He is in “Follicle Regression.”

5. He does not act like a “Total A–” – He develops a case of “Rectal-Cranial Inversion.”

6. It’s not his “Crack” you see hanging out of his pants – It’s “Trouser Cleavage.”



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“I Couldn’t Imagine Not Being in the Mortgage Business”

“I Couldn’t Imagine Not Being in the Mortgage Business”


Bob and Maureen were wonderful clients and ready to become homeowners again. They were not willing to be stuck in old history and were ready to be coached as to improving credit scores, making available the necessary down payment and closing costs. After a few months, they were ready to be referred to a Realtor and begin the home search.


It didn’t take long for then to find the home that they wanted and went to contract. I then referred them to a home inspector, insurance agent and attorney to round out their team. The mortgage process went very well and so did their closing. They were kind enough to do a recommendation for me.



Maureen Brown has recommended your work as Owner at Right Trac Financial Group, Inc.

Dear Joe,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with others.

“We went through a bit of a rough time financially due to the downturn in the economy and a job loss in the family. We ended up selling our home and renting for a few years. Not sure whether or not we’d be in a good position to buy again, I read about Joe and Right Trac Financial on Manchester Patch and thought I’d reach out. I began asking questions nearly a year before we actually purchased through a VA loan and I always received a prompt response and good advice. It was fortunate we started so early – there was stuff that needed cleaning up on my credit report due to bureau errors and that’s never a quick fix. I would definitely recommend Joe if you are interested in obtaining a mortgage because he will walk you through it, he has a wealth of experience, is completely honest and the staff we dealt with is great. Doing business with Joe at Right Trac Financial made what can be a very anxiety producing process a lot less so and we are grateful for that.”



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“Realtor Referrals”

“Realtor Referrals”
My goal for 2014 was to give 120 referral given to Realtors. As of end of July 23rd, I am at 71. Why are these Realtor referrals important to me? My clients are being referred to knowledgeable Realtors, that represent then in a way, continue to make me look good. The better that I look to my clients to more referrals they send my way.
1jesadaphornOnce a Realtor is referred, it is most likely that I will also refer a home inspector, attorney or title company, insurance agent and mover. Why are these referral important to me? My clients are being referred to some of the best people in each profession and based on the service they are given, that will make me look good to my clients and they will want to refer more clients to me.
My goal is to give out 2 referrals every day. There are so many opportunity to give out referrals each and every day, as long as you are paying attention.
While at lunch today, I referred a web designer to the restaurant owner. Even though I have done his mortgage twice, he knows when he needs any service he will always ask who I know. Are you that go to person in your area?
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“Should We Always be Marketing?”

“Should We Always be Marketing?”
There is a local restaurant that I like to frequent for lunch when I am out with referral partners. The table next to us had a group of four people that were having a good old time enjoying their liquid lunch. They were actually pretty loud, so it was pretty easy to hear the conversations. Normally I would have asked to be moved to another table, but they were talking about real estate and mortgages and sitting with a Realtor, we were both paying attention.
They asked our waitress to send over a round of drinks and when the drinks got there, you would have thought we were rocks stars and were invited to join them. It turns out they were celebrating birthdays. As we spoke, I let them know we couldn’t help overhearing them talking about real estate and mortgages and being that is how we earn our living, it had our attention. They all thought that we pretty funny.
Two of them had been looking online for houses to see what prices would be in the area they were looking. It was such a great conversation, we answered lots of questions about real estate and mortgages. We gave them all our cards, got their emails addresses and cell numbers and promised to follow up with them and got back to our seats so that we could finish our lunch.
I have since done a preapproval for one of them and am pretty sure I will hear from the other person pretty soon, so faced with a similar situation, how would you have handled this opportunity?
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“Why Should I Use a Realtor to Sell My Home?”

“Why Should I Use a Realtor to Sell My Home?”
Unfortunately more home sellers are asking this question. They bring up Zillow and Trulia as ways to circumvent having to pay a Realtor, which is absolutely crazy. The truth is home sellers don’t save anything, as a matter of fact they more often end up with less money. Furthermore, buyers aren’t stupid they calculate the math and just make lower offers.
handshake tungphoto_freedigitalphotos.netI have been reading for two days that Zillow is considering the purchase of Trulia and some prognosticators are predicting the end of MLS and the real estate business as we know it. I suppose the real estate business is hearing the same crap as the mortgage brokers have been hearing for the last few years. Guess what, the mortgage broker business is growing and everyone else in the industry is losing ground every day.
Will the real estate business need to change the way it operates, sure change will be required, but you are not going to replace the good agents in all areas of the country.  
I have been in the mortgage business a long time, my experience has been 50% of transactions that do not involve a Realtor fall apart before they close. There are so many reasons, issues with negotiations during the purchase process, home inspection issues and appraisal issues. The list can be endless and the truth is, the Realtor cost is a bargain and the chances the transaction will close increase dramatically. This decision is a no brainer!
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I recently wrote a blog about how I use Linkedin and specifically about recommendations. I have received a number of emails asking me “How” and “When” I ask for recommendations.


First, there is always a right time to ask for recommendation. Let me first say, I never wait until the end of any transaction, unless I absolutely have to. The BEGINNING of the transaction is always the best.


12122stuartmilesThink about it this way, when a couple is first dating, doesn’t it make sense that you might get better results compared to a couple that have been married for a long time. Have as much fun as you want with this comment.


During the preapproval process, no matter if it is a good outcome or not, prospective home buyers will know working with me is different and I get all kinds of WOWS. So, why would I not take advantage of the opportunity to ask for a recommendation?


I will look forward to our working together, but I need your help as well. Would write a recommendation about your experience of how I handled the preapproval for you. I really appreciate it and please mention who had referred you.


I called Dawn the other day to let her know that I was ready to lock her loan. The loan application was done with a rate of 4.125 and I could now lock her loan at 3.875%, all she could say was WOW.


Dawn, I need a favor, would you write a recommendation for me? Please don’t forget to mention who had referred you. Can you picture anyone saying no?



I am never uncomfortable to ask for recommendations from clients, referral partners and anyone related to the mortgage industry. How about you? 


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